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Your questions answered
Cremation is a contemporary disposition, and therefore there still are many questions to be answered. Here are some questions Choice Cremation of the Cascades’ funeral directors commonly answer to give you insight on the cremation process.

The cremation process depends on the size of the individual and the container used; approximately 3 to 5 hours.
The temperature reaches between 1100 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.
No. An alternative enclosed, rigid container constructed of wood or cardboard is required, which is cremated with the body. It needs to meet standards of safety, respect and dignity. In some states, no container is required.
  You may choose to keep the cremated remains in your possession, scatter them where allowed, or bury them in a cemetery or place in a mausoleum. You can keep a portion of the remains as a remembrance in a small urn or in a keepsake.
Usually 4 to 5 pounds not including the urn.
The size of an adult urn we recommend is 200 cubic inches or approximately the size of a one gallon paint can.

Cremation is accepted by many religions. If you are uncertain whether cremation is favorable within a specific religion, contact us for help.

We cannot accept pre-payment for our services. However, here are some helpful tips and information to help you get started planning ahead.

Have more questions on cremation? Contact us here.

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